Your personal assistant for managing and building relationships that matter to you. Together makes sure that you keep on working on the relationships you truly appreciate.



Product Designer, Product Manager



We launched an MVP to private test group without an import feature and quickly found out that importing from Google Mail would be essential as everyone was asking for it. At the same time, we used an onboarding sequence to introduce reminders to users off the bat.


The Contact View

At the core of the experience was the contacts view, organised by category and sorted by the status. The status would change from green to red depending on the frequency you’ve selected to stay in touch with a contact. This is also where users recorded new interactions with users as signal to the app that you have reached out to a contact.


Email Communication

We chose to use email as a way to remind our users to catch up with their peers. We wanted our app to go out of the way but instead empower the tools our users were already using. Users can tap the email icon from our reminder email to compose an email to the contact right away. At the same time the user can cc "" and we'd automatically record the transaction.


Keeping users in-the-loop

We valued transparency during developement so we created a roadmap site where users could keep track of what’s going behind the scenes and what they could expect to see in the future.


Why I worked on this

Being consistent with building relationships is something I struggle with myself. At the same time, I believe in building quality relationships over quantitiy. This project seemed like a great fit.

Special Acknowledgments
Tiago Duarte, Tino De Bruijn, Labinot Sadiki, Susana Garcia