Zurich-based tech architechture startup Archilogic reached out to me with the task to create a social plattform that leverages their floorplan-to-3D engine paired with new AR technology.



Product Designer


The Basic Idea

Homestory should become an interior design platform for inspiration as well as for users to create 3D models of their rooms, decorate them and share them with the community. Users can then remix someone else's room in 3D-mode as well as give feedback in written form.


    Allowing people to search the feed and through categories was implemented in a visual and simple to use way. Ideally getting people tap much rather than type.


Creating a Homestory

A major challenge was the creation of a homestory. Do we want to promote long-form or short-form? How are we integrating the creation of the 3d model of the room? How do we make the posts visually pleasing?


     When it comes to long- or short-form content, there is no wrong and right but much rather it is a strategic decision whether you want to create a platform for quality or quantity.

Creating a 3D model

Next up is the creation of a 3D model. Archilogic’s API is very powerful but we wanted to build something for a wide demographic. Hence, we decided to allow users to only change the most essential bits and pieces.


I focused on making it easy to modify all the inputs, favoring changing numbers and position of elements through tapping and sliding, much rather than entering data through a keyboard.


Editing the 3D model

Upon creating the model, it is time to dive in to 3D mode and furnish the room. You can either use autosuggest to let Homestory suggest layouts to you based on the type of room or add your own furniture. Autosuggesting is very handy when moving in to a new place.


Adding Furniture

All furniture in Homestory are real pieces such as Vitra chairs. Adding furniture is simple, beautiful and a filter allows users to easily find exactly what they are looking for.


Profile + Inbox

Last but not least, ever user has a profile where his homestories are, well, home and users can be followed. If you've made it until here, touché. :)


Why I worked on this

I felt strongly about working on up and coming technologies such as 3D modelling and AR. At the same time, Archilogic boasted a lot of resources to push the limits.

Special Acknowledgments
Kaspar Helfreich, Allie Taylor, Ben Devine, Kyle Mac