The simplest and most beautiful journaling experience. I have designed and built it out of necessity. I journal religiously and needed an application that does what I want.



Creative Direction, Product Designer


Instant peer-to-peer insight on tap

TaskHuman allows everyone to connect to an expert in any field immediately. It’s as easy as logging in and calling the category of your interest and the app sets you up with a skilled provider.




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Discovering and Calling Experts

We defined the primary goal of students as follows: being able to quickly dial an expert in the category of the user’s choosing. Our secondary goal is allowing users to repeatedly interact with expert who were helpful.


Scheduling a Call

It happens that some categories do not have any experts available. In those cases, we allow a user to easily schedule a call and we’ll match them with an expert who’d like to take the call on the proposed date.


Upcoming and Previous Call

Upcoming and previous calls can be accessed through a separate tab. You’ll be able to add attachments to upcoming calls, modify them as well as cancel them. Previous calls feature a transcript as well as audio recording.



If a user found the advice of an expert useful after the initial seven minute free call, he or she can add the expert to the favorites. From here, a user can schedule and dial the expert again.


Goodies: Warm and friendly hints

My idea was to make the app appear friendly and approachable in order to move users in to a state where they’re more willing to call up a stranger. I tried to manifest this in a couple of corner-stone screens.


An expert can gift free minutes to a student as a token of gratitude, to re-establish a connection that has fizzled out or as a reward for positive behaviour. I thought this needs some party-vibes!


The Teacher App

Teachers on TaskHuman get their own app where they can manage their schedule, communicate with the client as well as get paid for their efforts. Our primary goal was to create an experience that allows teachers to focus on the students much rather than admin work.


Atomic Design as Base for the Design System

In order to keep the app experience consistent I have built a design system based on Brad Frost’s Atomic Design principles and adapted it to our use.


Why I am working on this

I am passionate about using technology as a tool for education. Even more so, I believe in straight-forward one-on-one mentoring in order to speed up the learning progress. Naturally, this was a great fit for me.

Special Acknowledgments
Ravi Swaminathan, Aarthi Ramamurthy, Dan Mazzella, Felicia Eriksson, TaskHuman Team